19th May, 2022

Charity statistics you need to know – and what they mean for you

If you follow the news, you’ve probably seen some of the latest stories about the charity sector. Worries that the cost-of-living crisis is going to affect services. Or that donations are down across the board. It’s not good to doomscroll through these stories; you miss the positives that are out...

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12th May, 2022

Are these 3 tasks taking up too much of your charity’s time?

Time is one of the greatest resources your charity has. But do you ever find yourself wishing you had more of it? Between paperwork, organising stock, serving customers, and sorting donations, it’s easy to see how the hours slip away. Before you know it, a whole week’s gone by and...

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5th May, 2022

4 questions to ask before choosing a new EPoS provider

Choosing a new EPoS provider is a big decision for any charity. One that deserves a lot of thought and consideration. Just imagine your daily operations without a functioning till system and you’ll realise how important they are to your profits and success. But it can be overwhelming. With hundreds...

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28th April, 2022

3 small ways your charity can increase donations

The UK is looking at a tough road ahead. If it isn’t news about rising energy costs, it’s weekly food bills rocketing up. We’re barrelling towards a cost-of-living crisis, and that means many people are going to be tightening the purse strings. In fact, 80% of consumers are cutting costs. That’s going...

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21st April, 2022

3 challenges of being a charity in the digital age

Over the past two decades, technology has changed the third sector in ways we never would have thought of. Just imagine where your charity was ten years ago. And where you are now. All the changes, progress, and innovation you’ve seen along the way. But tech is always changing. There’s always a new...

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14th April, 2022

Looking to improve your charity’s resilience? Try shifting your focus to these 3 areas

The charity sector has been in a difficult position in recent years. The pandemic brought a need to pivot quickly in the face of changing threats. But 2022 so far feels like a welcome calm after the storm. A time to settle down, strategise, and think about the future. It’s...

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31st March, 2022

4 problems a charity retail manager might face – and how to solve them

The general public only sees one side of charities. The side that has shops on our streets, fundraisers in our communities, and adverts on our TVs. But behind all of that, as you know, is an intricate machine that keeps everything running. If you’re a charity retail area manager, you know...

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24th March, 2022

What digital transformation looks like in the charity sector

The COVID-19 pandemic sent shockwaves through the charity sector. Previous ways of working and fundraising weren’t viable anymore. But fewer than 20% of charities felt they were ready to fundraise effectively online. When it came to digital transformation, it was now or never. Fast forward a few years and we’re coming out of...

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17th March, 2022

4 pandemic charity trends we don’t think are going anywhere

The past two years have highlighted the incredible generosity of the UK. Despite 44% of people experiencing money worries, £11.3 billion was donated to charities in 2020, up from £10.6 billion in 2019. During hard times, it was great to see people coming together. But life was very different. Charity shops were closed, money...

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10th March, 2022

3 signs your charity has outgrown its EPoS system

Choosing the right EPoS system is a big decision for any charity. Gone are the days of manual cash registers; the world of retail is increasingly digital. And your EPoS is now the central hub for most of your operations. Between providing a premium customer service and helping to make the...

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